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    1. Unspeakable

      so... where is james?

      1. Brandon Ross


      2. jadeakiss1982 Eng

        I don’t know 🤷‍♀️

      3. Judie Manangkile


      4. Angela Vella


      5. Filmarie Garcia

        Can you do a part 2 pls

    2. Dylan Hyper

      I was so so like huh??? How long did they take to do this???? Then I said maybe they take 24 hour’s or something I mean can you tell me how long it take?

    3. Owen Gillenwater

      Where is James?

    4. Marcie Adamson


    5. Karen Solis-Michel


    6. Ishani Rajapaksha

      in your filping but

    7. Makenna Erwin

      yes pless

    8. Chrissy T


    9. Neymar Martínez

      To ROXIOO20

    10. Carmen Rodriguez


    11. Amrit Ladhar

      My house is haunted and it's filled with ghosts million of ghosts

    12. Amrit Ladhar

      Um okay well I guess you will not speak so I will tell the question

    13. Amrit Ladhar

      Say something

    14. Amrit Ladhar

      And I want to tell you something

    15. Amrit Ladhar

      He is in house

      1. Amrit Ladhar

        He is in his house

    16. Amrit Ladhar

      I know where James

    17. Rob Alderson

      So cool 😎

    18. Christian Lewis

      You have a cool gun

    19. Haniffa Ali

      James is in the odes

    20. Haniffa Ali

      I think you should make a part 2

    21. Phoebesaurus Does


    22. James Wilks

      That's gross!🤮

    23. Konstantinos Fotopoulos

      From where do u buy orbeez

    24. Kissy Maxfield


    25. Kirandeep Kaur

      I think he's at home

    26. Danna Soliz

      James ded 👁👄👁

    27. Channel of Future

      In the patio chilling?

    28. Jaifred Joseph Vestil


    29. Yuli@98 .com


    30. Yuli@98 .com


    31. Muhammad Naqvi

      Is my birthday

    32. LOL 2.0

      2000 years later.... Nathan:ah finnally done

    33. J Mawson

      He is under the orbeez

    34. Michaela Thyfault


    35. gaberiel casper

      nathan:how do we get them outa the house me:dont there fun and can load into orbeez guns

    36. Jenelle Bauer


    37. game with bella bobs


    38. Fun Kids

      Where’s james

    39. Chelby Ramos

      second story??

    40. Amanda Auguste

      has not in the video

    41. Cookies and Chipz

      Unspeakable says Where James James be Looking from the vent...

    42. Klyne gee Bantiles

      41,985,726 orbeezses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    43. Elaine Gatlin

      You should’ve named The title We put 40000000 Arby’s inside of the Lego house

    44. Gabriel Jodway

      Subscribe to unspeakable!

    45. ??? O

      Are orbeez healthy for you? Because Gabe ate one

      1. Isla Whittier

        I looked it up and it says they're non-toxic and tests have been run and Orbeez went down digestive systems safely. The only thing it could be a danger to is a young child of age 3 or below because they could choke on it.

    46. Jenny Lynn

      You should challenge jelly in minecraft first to find dimons win

    47. Milosz Gregorczyk


    48. Mr gibbons

      Fill ur house with slime or ooblec

    49. Paradystal Gold

      I’ve seen this video so many times and I still can’t stop laughing everytime I watch it XD 😂😂😂

      1. Shwe Poe Yati

        Same here XD

    50. Serenity Schaub


    51. Stupid af


    52. Stupid af

      Where is James?

    53. Sue Kirk


    54. محمد قحطان


    55. محمد قحطان


    56. Sylvia B.


    57. 3Faith18 LOK Lauren Catherine

      i played this

    58. Taya Kennedy

      Please please do a part 2

    59. Linda Sprague

      put 41B orbez in the lago house

    60. c0s._p0tat0 .00f

      LMAO IM THERE JUST LIKE: 👁️👄👁️ wheres James-

    61. Gabriella Jonson


    62. Gabriella Jonson

      Maybe broke his spine unspeakable

    63. Arielle Moore

      WHAT THE Heck

    64. Arielle Moore


    65. Arielle Moore

      Wow I think I’m going to clean mine is going to get blown off!

    66. George Taumata

      Wait you have a vault in your house oh my god must be rich

    67. Sawyer Rottinghaus

      Make more Videos they are Reilly good😀

    68. Christie Jane

      My question is wherei is James😥 thats is Gabe and you only where is James

    69. GAMERplayz YT158


    70. Charleigh Johnson

      He is hiding in the ordeys

    71. Rayannah

      6:50 ooh hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo

    72. Keegan Juarez

      I think James is holding the camera

    73. Sheri8 Wentzell7

      So… where the heck is James

    74. Max Larson

      I remember when this was 1 day ago

    75. -Leader-

      R.I.P James

    76. N̸i̸g̸h̸t̸m̸a̸r̸e̸ ꧁Fᴇᴀʀ꧂

      Me seeing if Tonys okay: r u okay tony Nathan : (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`) ☹︎ :( Me: oh wait where is James o.o

    77. Sami Fakhuri

      woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow woooooooooooooooooow

    78. Sami Fakhuri


    79. Cooper Harmsen

      I love how when they find the guns that shoot Orbees the camera man quits his job and starts shooting them

    80. Catrina Cage

      How about a ninja warrior corse

    81. morgan Williams


    82. Brandon Rodriguez

      I saw James in the background

    83. Ian Miller

      I like the video wen you were playing Pokémon with moose you caught a mew

    84. Ian Miller

      We don’t know

    85. Mireille-Therese Mosesian

      You: James? james james james (Diging) Gabe: I tryed to find him me: :

    86. Marta Kos

      The best

    87. Marta Kos

      So Col

    88. Marta Kos

      So cool

    89. amanda pastolero

      i dont know where he is but itz so funny!!

    90. Yu Chen

      19:57 in america , you ride the skateboard, 20:48 but in mother russia, skateboard ride you

    91. Emma Ratcliffe


    92. RuruKawaiiPotato ÒwÓ

      Unspeakeble was running the same way while i was runing away from the ocean wave in the beach 1:21

    93. RioBluVlogs

      Gobble gobble

    94. ᗪ卂ㄥ乇尺丨ᐯ乇尺

      Ntl it looks funnnnnn

    95. Vanny Tran

      make a pot 2 ...

    96. Scott Hannah

      12:57 the camera man is shooting at gabe but his gun isn't loaded

    97. Aden Malone

      idk what happened to him?

    98. Shep Games

      What happened to James?

    99. Daylon Farr


    100. Diane Arno

      My mom would ground me so much if I put that much Orby’s inside my house she be super mad 😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬👺👺👺